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Love Letters From Dresden.

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I’ve written six books, with the latest being a romance called, Love Letters From Dresden.

Born in London, I moved to Australia when I was nine.
After university I joined the Police Force and while there completed my studies to become a Psychologist. From the police I moved to the Department of Health and Human Services, first working in Child Protection and then later in Disability Services. I also held roles in both the Commonwealth and Local Governments.

I’ve released a new book for each of the last six years, non-fiction, humour and now, romance.

On the side, I enjoy a little motor sport journalism and with my wife as co-driver, don’t mind having a spin myself.

New Release

Love Letters From Dresden

Jacinta finds a hidden shoebox at her mother’s house, inside, old love letters, photographs and an Identity Card, all from the Second World War. While the identity card is in her mother’s name, Emma Kowalska, the love letters are not. They are between Amelia Huber and Peter Kramer, of Dresden Germany, names she doesn’t recognise. For Emma Kowalska, a refugee from Poland to England after the war, the past is her secret; yet it’s a mystery Jacinta is determined to solve. Then, there is the half of a 1936 silver Reichsmark coin, Emma Kowalska, wears around her neck. Jacinta is sure the half coin and love letters are linked, but how?

The story takes place in both the past and present.

Love Letters From Dresden is a remarkable love story with a touch of magic