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Claudia - Sequel to Operation Underpants coming soon.

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Claudia coming soon.

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Mark is the author of three books, Operation Underpants, Above and Beyond and Whitaker’s War – The Battle of the Atlantic.  Mark’s latest work – Claudia is coming soon.

Operation Underpants is Mark latest work. It was Book of the Month in the United Kingdom by Wise Grey Owl for December 2016 and Fiction book of the Year by eBookSkill.

Above and Beyond is a biographical tale of war and a journey to God of my father, Laurence Walter Biggs. It is also the authors search for the truth. In writing the book Mark hopes to encourage the reader to write of their journey. This is a personal book and is not intended for a broader audience.

Whitaker’s War – The Battle of the Atlantic, is only available on loan through the National Library of Australia.


Operation Underpants

New Release Coming Soon

Designed – but you have to wait and see.