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Welcome to the Authors Page of Mark A Biggs  

Mark is the author of four books, Operation Underpants, Claudia, Above and Beyond and Whitaker’s War – The Battle of the Atlantic.

He was born in London (UK) and move to Australia aged 9 years with his parents. He is a Psychologist who spent much of his career working in the health and community services sector including: child protection, police, disability services and youth.

Operation Underpants is the first book in a three part trilogy. It was Book of the Month in the United Kingdom by Wise Grey Owl for December 2016, and Fiction eBook of The Year 2017 – by eBookSkill. It is a story that celebrates older people. The sequel and book two in the series, Claudia was release in August 2017.

Above and Beyond is the story of Marks father. It is a biographical tale of war and a journey to God- but it is also the authors search for the truth. It was not written for a wider audience, but if you were to read it, he hopes that it encourages you to write of your journey, for you may have a far more interesting story to tell.

Whitaker’s War – The Battle of the Atlantic, is only available on loan through the National Library of Australia.



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