Above and Beyond – Second Edition

Above and Beyond – Second Edition


Above and Beyond tells the story of Laurence Biggs’ World War Two military service and how those events would shape and influence his journey to a life in service with God.  He became, in later life, an ordained minister in the Anglican Church.

While writing Above and Beyond, it was not my initial intention to scrutinise the accuracy of the information on which the story was based.  The memoir notes were all written many years after the events – events which were likely, a distant memory.  Any inaccuracies would be, in many ways, an important part of the story.  As the book was built around his core memories it was never intended to be historically or factually accurate.  So, although the central themes of the book are based on a biographical account, it is also a tale.

However, as the book developed, discrepancies emerged between his account and the historical data.  Discrepancies also emerged between his ‘Certificate of Service’ and the historical records.  My curiosity grew.  What was the truth?

Part Two of Above and Beyond – is the author’s search for the truth.

Part Three of Above and Beyond

While writing Above and Beyond I had the privilege to transverse the stories of those who served in the Royal Navy and particularly Coastal Forces during World War Two.  Although it is unlikely Laurence Biggs spent time on MTB 243, the numbers ‘243’ symbolise his journey and story.  It is then, with the deepest respect that I finish with a story in the words of, and in combination with, extracts from the Coastal Forces Veterans forum, Ordinary Seaman Peter Bickmore BEM.  Peter Bickmore is, in 2014, a surviving crew member from MTB 243 who received the British Empire Medal for his actions on board this vessel.