Celebrating Older People – International Older People’s Day – 1 October 2017

The 1st October marks Older People’s Day, a day dedicated to commemorating the achievements of elderly people within our communities.

Books That Celebrate Older People

Operation Underpants and the sequel Claudia are uplifting stories written to celebrate older people. The heroes are two 87-year-old’s, Max and Olivia.

These are action and adventure books – however, they transverse social and political issues; hopefully getting you thinking.

Operation Underpants

An Uplifting Story – Humour, Action, Adventure and a little Quirky.
Operation Underpants celebrates the more venerable amongst us.
Max and Olivia met as teenagers on covert operations during WW2. After the war, they married and under the guise of a doddering old vicar and his wife, continued a life of secrets as cold war spies.
Now 87 years of age and confined to a nursing home in Australia they are called back into action after finding a hidden message in a funeral notice for Claude Duval. Somehow, they must escape from the home and travel to the United Kingdom and retrieve the Janus Machine hidden in the dying days of the war. Although pursued by the police and those determined to stop them, the fate of London and much of the world hangs in the balance – they must succeed.

(30 – 4.5 Star reviews on Amazon USA. Book of the Month Dec 2016 – Wise Grey Owl UK. Fiction eBook of the year – eBook Skill).


Claudia (New Release)

The sequel to Operation Underpants. Feared assassin Claudia hesitates and lowers her pistol. She can’t go through with it and instead of killing 87-year-old secret agent Max, she takes him with her – putting her at war with herself and a past she hoped to forget.
Meanwhile, Olivia must escape the watchful eye of MI6 and track her beloved husband Max across Europe, leaving in her wake a delicious trail of chaos.
Claudia is more than a spy story, it’s a grand adventure.