Writing a Story

When I start a story, I sit at the computer and type. I may have a general theme in mind, but no plan. Each chapter unfolds of its own accord. This was true of Operation Underpants. When I started that book, I had no inkling it would be the first in a serious. As the book was drawing to a close, I decided to end it in a way that, if the story was well received, it would encourage me to write another book. As Operation Underpants is self-published, I was delighted when people started reading it, and apart from the ending, enjoying the story. I felt encouraged to write a sequel – Claudia (my most recent book).

If you read Operation Underpants you may think I built the foundations for the sequel into that story. Although I would love to claim planning and foresight, this was not the case. It was just fortuitous that I was able to link Claudia to the past of Max and Olivia. And this didn’t happen until I was at the computer and started to write Claudia.

Like Operation Underpants, Claudia unfolded one page at a time – there was not plan, although Olivia travel was my travel in 2016. But I didn’t steal a Ferrari.

I have started what will be the final book in the Max and Olivia serious. What will happen I don’t know – interesting however, the story has gone in an unexpected direction, bringing to the fore new characters.

Will I finish writing this new story? Again – I don’t know, the ending of Claudia does not necessitate another story. So as the ending in Operation Underpants said – You will have to wait and see. In truth, I don’t know – which is what I find so exciting.