Operation OBE (over bloody eighty) by Mark A Biggs

Operation OBE (by Mark Biggs coming in 2018)

The Abbey of Melk may be the most beautiful baroque-era church ever constructed. By the late Middle Ages, the monastery’s scriptorium was one of the most prolific in Europe, and its library collection among the largest north of the Alps.


During WW2 Camp Melk was a satellite camp of Mauthausen concentration camp and existed from 21 April 1944 to April 1945. At least 14,390 people had been imprisoned in the camp. Of these, about 5000 were murdered.
Because of the Allied aerial bombing campaign, the Nazi Government decided to relocate underground (Untertageverlagerung) factories critical to the war.
Little is known of the Melk sub-camp, but its main purpose was to provide forced labour for the different tunnelling projects in the surrounding hills.
A devout Christian, the German engineer overseeing the tunnelling near Melk Abbey abruptly stopped work in 1944, and relocated construction to the small town of St Georgen an der Gusen, near Linz. Now lost to time, it was rumored that he made a discovery.

Why were Olivia and Max sent & what did they find?

Operation OBE (over bloody eighty) , the final in the Max and Olivia series by Mark Biggs (No 1: Operation Underpants, No: 2 Claudia) is due for release in late 2018.