Operation OBE

Extract from “Operation OBE (Over Bloody Eight) by Mark A. Biggs – Coming Soon

Syngen Smythe, Max! Straight out of James Bond, couldn’t you have thought of a less conspicuous name? And Sylvia? A little less obvious I admit, but yet another character from a Bond film. For goodness sake!’

‘Well it was better than some of the alternatives: Pussy Galore, Honey Ryder, or even Kissy!’

‘They are tacky and wrong on so many levels. I am telling you Max, if you had tried one of those on, I would have handed you over to the police myself.’

‘From another time?’

‘Like us I fear. What’s next?’

The adventures of Max and Olivia are set to continue in the third and final book of the serious – Operation OBE.

1# Operation Underpants

2# Claudia

3# Operation OBE (Coming Soon)