A fire is burning and the books await

A fire is burning and the books await With Operation OBE written, I contemplate the next adventure. Three ideas have come to mind. The first is similar to the Max & Olivia series, a celebration of older people. Perhaps another biographical tale like Above and Beyond, but this time set during the Napoleonic War. And

Undeclared war with Russia

Operation OBE (over bloody eighty). A New Book by Mark A. Biggs is coming soon. The third and final book in the Max and Olivia series ; 1# Operation Underpants 2# Claudia 3# Operation

The Secret of Melk Abbey – How is your Latin?

Operation OBE (over bloody eighty) by Mark A. Biggs is coming soon. To save Penny, Max and Olivia must uncover the secret of Melk Abbey. But how's your Latin? et spiramentum Dei omnipotentis, qui fecit omnia et scrutinat absconsa in absconsis. What does it mean - not what does it say. Find out


HONOURS FOR THE BEST OF BRITAIN While writing Above and Beyond I had the great please of developing a friendship with Peter Bickmore. Peter received the British Empire Medal (Military Division) while serving on MTB 243 during World War 11.  MTB 243 was a part of my father’s story and his journey to God, so I

Russian Hackers Develop Their Dark Arts

Russian Hackers target the UK and interfere with USA election in Claudia by Mark A Biggs. But Claudia, the sequel to Operation Underpants, is more than a spy story - its an epic adventure. Available from Book Depository and on Amazon. Read it and review

Writing a Story

When I start a story, I sit at the computer and type. I may have a general theme in mind, but no plan. Each chapter unfolds of its own accord. This was true of Operation Underpants. When I started that book, I had no inkling it would be the first in a serious. As

Amazons Prime Reading

Operation Underpants by Mark A. Biggs. continues its success in the USA and is to be included in Amazons Prime Reading Program. This is where Amazon US offers an upfront payment to select Authors in lieu of royalties to incorporate their books into its unlimited reading programme for Prime members. Come on Claudia (the