Tom and Anna in Danger – The case of the disappearing dogs
Publisher: James Timothy Connelly
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 153
ISBN: 9780992454722

Our two young heroes, Tom Sinclair and Anna Kavanagh, are at it again. This time they are confronted by the puzzling disappearance of a large number of dogs, including their friend, Mia's. Without warning they are thrown into a desperate situation and barely escape witout harm. In a spectacular climax they secure the arrest of their attacker and are led towards a solution of the case of the disappearing dogs.

About the Book

‘You’ve got to come,’ Anna shouted.  She was just about in a case of shock.  ‘The man!  The truck man!  He’s here!’  I could hear Brian’s calm voice.  ‘Where are you?’ he said, simply.  ‘In the shoe shop.  Near the supermarket.’  Anna was struggling to kepp control of herself.  ‘Stay there,’ said Brian sternly.  ‘I’m not far away.  Wait on the footpath, I’ll be there in sixty seconds.’

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