Napoleonic Memoir: HMS Junon, Frigates Renommée and the Clorinde

Napoleonic Memoir: What I've learned (thus far), that’s not recorded: The history books record: The ship HOPE, in March, 1810, on her second voyage to Tobago in Bristol ownership (John Litson, master), was reported taken by two French frigates. We now know those French frigates were: The Renommée and the Clorinde. The French frigates

A remarkable occurrence 1809 to 1814

Napoleonic Wars: I was recently given, by my 97 year old aunt, a short memoir by a distant relative, John Gayford or Gaylord, who was press-ganged into the Royal Navy on board HMS Junon; captured and imprisoned by the French. The original memoir is lost, but was hand copied first in 1876 and then

The Max & Olivia Series

The Max & Olivia series celebrates older people. With its complex female characters and quirky adventures, they are empowering stories. Although fun, the books ask the reader to think deeply. The series has a strong narrative voice and characters you will want to spend time with. The heroes are over

The final book in the Max & Olivia series.

Operation OBE - Over Bloody Eighty The final book in the Max & Olivia series. This book is due for release soon. Eccentric Max and his wife Olivia, our 87-year-old spies, face their final and greatest challenge. Living out their days on board the Queen Mary 2, they are suddenly dragged back into the world of international

A fire is burning and the books await

A fire is burning and the books await With Operation OBE written, I contemplate the next adventure. Three ideas have come to mind. The first is similar to the Max & Olivia series, a celebration of older people. Perhaps another biographical tale like Above and Beyond, but this time set during the Napoleonic War. And

Undeclared war with Russia

Operation OBE (over bloody eighty). A New Book by Mark A. Biggs is coming soon. The third and final book in the Max and Olivia series ; 1# Operation Underpants 2# Claudia 3# Operation

The Secret of Melk Abbey – How is your Latin?

Operation OBE (over bloody eighty) by Mark A. Biggs is coming soon. To save Penny, Max and Olivia must uncover the secret of Melk Abbey. But how's your Latin? et spiramentum Dei omnipotentis, qui fecit omnia et scrutinat absconsa in absconsis. What does it mean - not what does it say. Find out