Claudia, the sequel to Operation Underpants by Mark A Biggs, slowly comes to

Above and Beyond #1 Australia, #2 UK – Kindle eBooks

OK - it's free today - but who would have thought Above and Beyond would make #1 Australia, #2 United Kingdom, & #17 USA Kindle eBooks (Military Biographies). Above and Beyond was written for me - it was not intended as a book of interest outside of our family. It's not the greatest bit of writing

A good morning of gardening done – Now for writing.

A good morning of gardening done – Now for an afternoon of writing. Olivia has stolen a Ferrari California, convertible of course, and is driving at high speed up the Champs-Élysées with a Romanian Crime gang in hot pursuit. She is about to run the gauntlet of the Arch de triumph roundabout. Meanwhile Max is on a

Video Promotion – Operation Underpants

London under attack from biological weapons The fate of London and much of the world is in the hands of 87 year old nursing home runaways, Olivia and Max. Operation Underpants by Mark A Biggs

Above and Beyond – Second Edition

Above and Beyond - Second Edition   Above and Beyond tells the story of Laurence Biggs’ World War Two military service and how those events would shape and influence his journey to a life in service with God.  He became, in later life, an ordained minister in the Anglican Church. While writing Above and Beyond, it was

Claudia – The Sequel to Operation Underpants.

Hello sweetie. Claudia - The Sequel To  Operation Underpants It will answer the question - ‘What happens to Max.’ But like Operation Underpants - it will have a serious social conversation running through the story - but done in a humours way . Due for release mid to late 2017 Click to buy -  Kindle -  Operation Underpants  Click to