St Mary’s Dating Agency

New Release Coming Soon St Mary’s Pi-Ski, with its ageing and declining congregation, enters the game of online romance to save the church. John Moss, photographing himself in exotic locations for his romance profile, collides with Lucy, AKA Claudia, a beautiful spy in possession of an item sought by ruthless Chinese agents. John becomes

St Mary’s Parish Dating Agency.

Before the new romance novel, Love Letters From Dresden has even hit the shelves, I'm planning my next book. The St Mary’s Parish Dating Agency. A return to humour. With its aging and declining congregation, the St Mary’s Parish Council hatches a plan to boost its dwindling numbers and coffers by finding romance for

A Plea for More

A PLEA FOR MORE This can’t be the end. The Max & Olivia series is refreshingly new and a delight to read. Please Mark A. Biggs, don’t end it now, they may be Over Bloody Eighty, but I’m sure I’m not alone in saying, write another book in the Max & Olivia series. You could tell

Super Grandma and stylish seniors

Super Grandma and stylish seniors Those over eighty-five and above are one of the fastest growing demographics but are often hampered by unfair stereotypes about their abilities and role in society. This is particularly acute among older women, said Australian author and retired psychologist Mark Biggs. I’ve written the, “Max & Olivia” series as a


HONOURS FOR THE BEST OF BRITAIN While writing Above and Beyond I had the great please of developing a friendship with Peter Bickmore. Peter received the British Empire Medal (Military Division) while serving on MTB 243 during World War 11.  MTB 243 was a part of my father’s story and his journey to God, so I