Operation OBE

Extract from Operation OBE (Over Bloody Eight) by Mark A. Biggs - Coming Soon Syngen Smythe, Max! Straight out of James Bond, couldn’t you have thought of a less conspicuous name? And Sylvia? A little less obvious I admit, but yet another character from a Bond film. For goodness sake!’ ‘Well it was better than some

Operation OBE (over bloody eighty) by Mark A Biggs

Operation OBE (by Mark Biggs coming in 2018) The Abbey of Melk may be the most beautiful baroque-era church ever constructed. By the late Middle Ages, the monastery’s scriptorium was one of the most prolific in Europe, and its library collection among the largest north of the Alps.   During WW2 Camp Melk was a satellite camp

Writing a Story

When I start a story, I sit at the computer and type. I may have a general theme in mind, but no plan. Each chapter unfolds of its own accord. This was true of Operation Underpants. When I started that book, I had no inkling it would be the first in a serious. As

Memories from WW2 – The Reverend

Above and Beyond - Book promotion that's more British than Sir Humphrey Above and Beyond is a biographical tale – it is not intended as a 5-star read. It is a story of a journey to God that starts in World War Two on the Russian convoys to Murmansk and includes top secret covert operations which,