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St Mary’s Dating Agency

New Release Coming Soon St Mary’s Pi-Ski, with its ageing and declining congregation, enters the game of online romance to save the church. John Moss, photographing himself in exotic locations for his romance profile, collides with Lucy, AKA Claudia, a beautiful spy in possession of an item sought by ruthless Chinese agents. John becomes

Love Letters

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jacinta finds a hidden shoebox at her mother’s house, inside, old love letters, photographs and an Identity Card, all from the Second World War. While the identity card is in her mother's name, Emma Kowalska, the love letters are not. They are between Amelia Huber and Peter Kramer, of Dresden Germany, names she doesn’t recognise. For

Above and Beyond

In the lead up to the release of Love Letters From Dresden, we go back to the beginning with a little Pomp and Circumstance from Above and Beyond. My first book, the story of my father.

St Mary’s Parish Dating Agency.

Before the new romance novel, Love Letters From Dresden has even hit the shelves, I'm planning my next book. The St Mary’s Parish Dating Agency. A return to humour. With its aging and declining congregation, the St Mary’s Parish Council hatches a plan to boost its dwindling numbers and coffers by finding romance for

Love Letters From Dresden

My latest book, Love Letters From Dresden is only weeks away. 'When Jacinta discovers old love letters at her mother’s home, between Amanda and Peter, people never before heard of, she embarks on a journey of discovery and finds a most remarkable romance which is full of